All elementary students, Kindergarten through Fifth, are required to wear uniforms Monday through Thursday.  Students may wear regular school attire on Friday (Free Dress Day).  Your child may wear any rubber-soled shoes each day.


School uniforms may be purchased online from Land's End.

Land's End Uniforms


use school code: 900193145

email: [email protected]


Required:  Red Polo Shirt with The Woods logo and navy pants for official field trips and photos.


Required:  Plaid jumper with The Woods logo and Peter Pan shirt with piping  or red polo with The Woods logo and plaid skirt from Land's End for field trips and photos.


In addition to the required uniforms, students may purchase a variety of polo shirts( logo required), skirts, skirts, pants, jumpers, accessories, or style options for everyday wear.

Uniforms will be delivered directly to your home.

Uniforms are not required for the first day your child attends school but will be mandatory beginning September 1st 2022.