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Rising to the Challenge, The Woods 2018 Science Fair

The Woods Private School continues to motivate STEM development through the 5th grade elementary program, who rose to the challenge as each student completed a science project for the The Woods 2018 Science Fair. Mrs. Gonzalez, head of the fourth and fifth grade Science and Math Program, reviewed potential project topics for each of her students to choose from. “This year was unique, the student interests differed and no one student picked the same project,” expressed Mrs. Gonzalez. Each child was given a packet to guide them through the scientific process, where they first constructed a scientific question he or she would like to answer. Performing research gives the students the background they need to formulate a hypothesis and design the experiment. After writing a report to summarize this research, the student performs the experiment, draws his or her conclusions, and presents the results. To aid in their social and presentation development, the students presented findings to their teacher and classmates as well as in front of school assembly. In addition to the curriculum at hand, there are two major aspects Mrs. Gonzalez wanted the students to take away from this project, “...time management and learn that your first idea may not give you success, you may have to go back and modify.” When asking her what made this year different she stated, “When polling the class assembly there wasn’t one project in particular that was the crowd favorite, all the projects were equally interesting.” Well done to Mrs. Gonzalez and to our young scientists.


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