Welcome Back!

3rd Grade Science Experiment

Our third graders explored the four signs of chemical changes this week. They looked for light, heat, color change, and formation of gas.

5th Grade Egg Drop

Congratulations to the winners of the 5th grade Egg Drop: Liliana Smith, Ashar Bajwa, and Jonathan Hoang! They all made it to 100 feet without their egg breaking! Thank you…

Elementary Field Day!

Field Day is an end-of-the-year favorite! Kids love the chance to run around outside with their friends all day, participating in exciting and challenging events.

Happy Easter!

We had lots of Easter fun this week! Egg scavenger hunts and Easter parties!

4th Grade Field Trip to Taste of Texas Restaurant

Our 4th graders took a field trip to see the world-class Texas museum inside of The Taste of Texas Restaurant. It was fun and educational!

4th Grade Living Wax Museum!

Students present a significant character by dressing in costume and perform while guests stroll through the “living wax museum” listening to presentations.

Kindergarten Step-Up Day!

Pre-Kindergarteners got to step into the shoes of a Kindergartener’s day! We decorated cookies and made crafts together!

100 Days of School!

We celebrated the 100th day of the school year by dressing as our 100 year-old selves! More importantly, it is a great way for our elementary teachers to celebrate the…

3rd Grade Earth Resources

We are studying our Rock and Minerals Unit

4th Grade Science Lab

What affects the size of craters on the moon?

Winter Snow Storm!

The 3 year-old classes created an wintery snow storm for their weather unit.