A Top 10 Academically Ranked Private School in Texas



All Elementary classes begin at 8:30 a.m. and release at 3:00 p.m.

Extended Care available from 7:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Tuition payments are due the first day of school. You may choose from the following:

10 equal payments with the first payment due on the first day of school (August 13th), and subsequent payments due on the first of each month, September to May 2019.

A one time payment for the school year, which will include a 2% discount, can be made on the first day of school.

Please call (281) 370-8576 for more specific inquiries.


All forms should be returned by the first day of school or at your Child's Open House.  State licensing requires a Medical Statement and current Immunization Record from a physician. A Health Form, Immunization Record, and/or Affidavit of Exemption are required each year your child attends school. FORMS



School supplies are included in your registration fee and will be provided to each child at their Open House.

School supplies are included with your Registration/Supply Fee.  Your child's supplies will be placed in their classroom at the Open House or the first day they attend school.  

Each student is required to purchase a backpack (approximately 11" x 14") large enough to accommodate supplies, folders, binders, lunch and should have their name on it.



All elementary students, Kindergarten through Fifth, are required to wear uniforms Monday through Thursday.  Students may wear regular school attire on Friday (Free Dress Day).  Your child may wear any rubber-soled shoes each day.

School uniforms may be purchased by two methods.  You may visit the storefront at:


Mills Uniform Company              

(Echo Lane Shopping Center)                                                  

9331 Katy Freeway, Suite B                                                                        

Houston, TX  77024                                                                                                                

Store:  713-464-3400


You may also order online at following the procedure below:

 Enter school code.......3358   or school name........The Woods Private School    

Uniform Requirements and Options

In addition to the required uniforms, additional accessories or style options may be purchased for an extra fee.  If bought at The Mills Uniform Company storefront, uniforms may be picked up immediately after purchase.  If ordered online, uniforms will be delivered directly to your home.



Required:  Red Polo with The Woods logo and navy pants for official field trips and photos

Optional:  Red polo, white polo, navy polo, red/navy stripe polo navy or khaki shorts and pants



Required:  Plaid jumper with The Woods logo and Peter Pan shirt with piping for field trips and photos

Optional:  Red polo, white polo, navy polo, red/navy stripe polo navy, khaki or plaid skirts, shorts and skorts

All students should have uniforms no later than September 2, 2019.  If the student's apparel does not meet with these specifications, the parents will be called and requested to bring the appropriate uniform items to the student.    


All forms are due by the first day your child attends school.


Registration Form (Elementary)

Signed Authorization Form

Health Form

Field Trip Authorization Form


Give us a call or send us an Email to learn more about what The Woods Private School has to offer