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Second Grade


Second Grade is an exciting year in which children journey into the love of reading and math. They gain personal independence and self-confidence through personal achievement.

The instruction and comprehension of fundamental skills is one of the main goals in Second Grade to solidify the foundation needed for future academic success. Students should develop self-confidence to intergrate knowledge, know-how, study skills, and personal working habits.

We teach children in a nurturing environment with positive reinforcement to foster a love for successful learning in the classroom.

Our Second Grade curriculum includes the following elements:

  • The Pleasant Rowland Reading Program,
    Adventures of the Super Kids
  • D'Nealian Handwriting
  • Scott-Foresman Social Studies
  • Comprehensive Music and Instrument Instruction
  • Sadlier-Oxford Mathematics
  • McGraw Hill Science
  • Moral Intelligence and Character Building Skills
  • Scholastic Reading Computer Quizzes
  • Physical Education and Health Awareness
  • Art
  • Spanish Instruction
  • Literature Appreciation
  • Scholastic News Weekly Reader

second grade curriculum


The love of reading and math continues with the Pleasant Rowland Reading Program, The Superkids Hit Second Grade and the Superkids Take Off. The lively characters, called the Superkids, will delight children of all skill levels and backgrounds. This effective reading program integrates reading, spelling, writing, grammar, and listening and speaking. Phonemic awareness leads to quicker and more reliable sound-letter associations, which leads to better reading and spelling. Phonics teaches children to decode (read) words as well as spelling. Children learn that listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all ways to communicate ideas which is the goal of all language arts. Phonetically controlled vocabulary ensures reading success. The children also learn to recognize nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs as well as editing skills and creative writing.


This program cultivates conceptual understanding and procedural fluencey as well as in-depth instruction in fundamental mathematical concepts. Progress places emphasis on the development of higher-order thinking skills and fluency with math vocabulary. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to reason adaptively-reflect on mathematical processes and patterns as well as their own ideas. Through technology driven math lessons, Second Graders will master addition and subtraction facts by memorization which will leard to more advanced addition and subtraction problems. An introduction to multication, division, and word problem reinforcement will also be practiced.


Students will focus on their local community by examing the impact of individuals and events in the community as well as the state and nation. They learn about important customs, symbols, and celebrations that represent the American beliefs and customs as well as their physical environment, human activities, map skills, and consumers and producers.


Science concepts will peak the interest of students through the use of hands-on experiments and learning the Scientific Method. Concepts learned in first grade will be built upon and expanded with plants, animals, habitats, earth, weather and sky, matter, motion and energy. Technology based lessons will instill a curiosity for science and exploration that will continue througout their elementary years.


Writing methods, technique, and penmanship are building blocks for higher level thinking and learning. D'Nealians's method teaches penmanship using a slant print so that students may easily transition to cursive writing.



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