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First Grade



our First-Grade curriculum includes the following elements:

  • The Pleasant Rowland Reading Program
    Adventures of the Super Kids and More Adventures of the Superkids
  • Scott-Foresman Social Studies
  • Comprehensive Music and Instrument Instruction
  • Sadlier-Oxford Math
  • McGraw Hill Science
  • Moral Intelligence and Character Building Skills
  • Accelerated Reader Comprehension Quizzes
  • Physical Education and Health Awareness 
  • Spanish Instruction
  • Literature Appreciation
  • Art
  • First Grade Curriculum

The development of the whole child is the primary focus of our First Grade program. A happy classroom environment promotes the growth of each child’s mental, physical, emotional, social and ethical maturity. Students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of integrity and respect for self and others by understanding how their actions impact their classmates, school, and community.

An intimate classroom environment and dedicated, passionate teachers provide an inspirational atmosphere to promote well-rounded achievers. Our hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to education helps children develop intelligence, self-confidence, and a thoughtful assertiveness that enables them to succeed now and in the future.


Adventures aplenty await the First Graders in The Pleasant Rowland Reading Program, Adventures of the Superkids, and More Adventures of the Superkids. The child is given not only a strong story base in phonics, but also a comprehensive language, spelling, handwriting, speaking and listening program. The child learns to decode words by saying the sequence of the letters in the word. By applying a simple decoding equation, one letter equals one sound, the student can read hundreds of words.

Mastery of phonetic variables and the structural elements of words is an important focus of The Superkids. Memory words are read, spelled, traced, and written in skills books, activities, and games, thus using all of the child’s senses to commit these words to memory. Once the child realizes that he/she has the tools to read any word in the program, the child becomes a confident, self-reliant reader with a sense of his/her ability to succeed. Comprehension is developed from the very beginning as the students utilize tapes, worksheets, and activities directly related to the stories and poems in the readers.

The language part of the program teaches such things as parts of speech, contractions, adding endings to root words, using plurals, and correct word usage and punctuation. The skills books encourage the child to do expressive oral reading and creative writing related to the theme of the selection in the reader.  The classroom also has a multi-level library on a variety of topics and interests that the children may check out from daily.


The math program teaches students basic addition and subtraction skills, commutative property, patterning, charts and graphs, word problems, problem solving, number sense, geometry, fractions, time, money, measurement, weight, capacity, and numbers one to one hundred.


The social studies program teaches students important links between themselves and their families, community, state, nation and world. The children learn why it is important to obey rules and laws and how to be a good citizen. They learn about important pedestrian, bicycle, and fire safety skills. The children learn basic map skills and how to follow map directions. They learn about the importance of volunteerism and community leaders both past and present.


The science program provides resources to promote scientific literacy in students. The children learn about living and non-living things, plants, animals, different environments and habitats, rocks, soil, air, water, weather, seasons, temperature, solids, liquids, gasses, heat, energy, forces, and magnets. Simple classroom experiments are also performed.



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