The Woods Private School educational program inspires students to reach their highest level of potential. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to establish a firm foundation at every stage of development and provides a range of information, ideas, and activities to help your children develop their minds and bodies.


Small-group activities encourage each child to develop oral language and visual literacy skills. Four critical components of early literacy are: comprehension, phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, and concepts about print. Children are taught to use their current strengths, develop new skills, and move from one level to the next.


Hands-on, concrete experiences give children opportunities to internalize new concepts. Math builds upon itself from number reasoning at the preschool level to addition and subtraction, multiplication, fractions, and decimals at the elementary level. Consistent teaching ensures that each child will develop skills as they transition to a higher level.


Students are given a chance to interact with the world around them and taught to relate the knowledge they have of themselves and their environment to the world beyond. Studying constellations, charting weather, comparing dinosaur skeletons, experimentation, and learning the origins of holiday celebrations are a few of the units covered throughout the year.


Computer technology develops written, verbal, and visual communication skills. Students are taught learning objectives by using developmentally appropriate software and directed activities.