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4th Grade Wax Museum Biographies Teach and Entertain!

“If you put the kids up to the challenge, they will always rise to meet it,” says Mrs. White, head of The Woods Private School 4th and 5th grade Language Arts Program. To compliment the 4th grade curriculum where students focus on Texas history, Mrs. White asked each of her students to choose a historical Texas figure and introduced the idea of performing their biographies as a living wax museum. “The students were excited about the project, they asked everyday if time would be spent researching. They were responsible for what they were learning,” says Mrs. White. The biography project focused on four parts, birthplace, early childhood, adulthood, and legacy. The exercise was to expand the child’s research beyond just the internet, to “ through the multiple materials and decipher what was important and what wasn’t.” The student was tasked to write two papers, one in first person and the second as a research paper, expanding their writing skills. Bringing the wax museum to life, each student not only provided a visual through a poster board presentation but dressed up as their respective person to do so. Finally, the 4th graders performed to our preschool and elementary students at a school assembly. Mrs. White sums up what we all at The Woods feel, “I am super proud of them. It’s hard work on all of our parts and to see it come together, our hard work paid off.”


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