Three-year-old children experience a tremendous period of intense growth as they begin to develop new physical skills such as jumping, running, and climbing, as well as listening, speaking, sequencing, and memory-building skills.

Our program centers on a thematic approach that introduces children to alphabet letters using developmentally appropriate, multisensory activities. These tools are designed to promote phonemic awareness and letter recognition.

Math activities are action oriented and use manipulatives and number games. Preschoolers learn by doing. Topics including classification, sorting, ordering, counting, size awareness, and numeral recognition are included in the three-year-old curriculum.

Writing development, science and social studies, learning centers, art, and music provide a multi-sensory approach to learning to develop auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and tactile learning in our three-year-old classroom. We believe that each child is special and unique, and it is our goal to meet the physical, social, intellectual, and emotional needs of every child. Our comprehensive, thematic approach to education strives to meet this goal in the development of the student.

Our three-year old curriculum includes the following elements:

  • Weekly thematic units
  • Letter recognition
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Action and hands-on oriented math activities
  • Science experiments and social studies awareness
  • Writing using Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum progress and fine motor development
  • Thematic learning centers
  • Physical Education
  • Specialty Days and Holiday Celebration
  • Process Art Activities
  • Music Appreciation
  • Cooking

Complete Handwriting Curriculum

The Get Set for School program focuses on early childhood education to prepare young children for school and lifelong learning. This exciting readiness curriculum uses singing, music, coloring, building, and play to help children develop handwriting skills.

A new generation of children and educators are ready to benefit from the unique multi-sensory approach to the education of preschoolers in handwriting.

  • Sing along CD-Get Set for School
  • Rock, Rap, Tap and Learn CD
  • Roll a dough letters and magnet boards
  • Wood Pieces set for letters and numbers
  • Mat Man Shapes (a world of shapes and rhymes)
  • Slate Chalkboards