Our pre-k curriculum includes the following elements:
  • Rowland-Reading Program “Happily Ever After”
  • Texas Mathematics by Macmillan McGraw-Hill
  • Let’s Find Out Scholastic Magazine
  • Handwriting without Tears Complete Handwriting Curriculum*
  • Spanish Vocabulary
  • Physical education / fitness / health
  • Hands-on science and social studies
  • Action music and movement
  • Computer literacy
  • Introductory sight words
  • Specialty days and holiday celebrations

Preschool children are energetic, enthusiastic, and inquisitive. Our pre-k program provides a comprehensive learning environment suited to each child’s cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical development. Our warm, supportive environment and caring staff provide ample opportunities and activities for learning based upon the child’s individual needs and interests.

Building on our three-year-old program, the pre-kindergarten level adds phonemic analysis, phonemic awareness, handwriting, recognition of basic sight words, and Happily Ever After story activities. A strong phonetic emphasis provides a supportive “pre-reading foundation.” A language-rich, literature-based learning approach weaves these skills into the curriculum through the use of books, poetry, and Big Books.

Activities that develop social awareness and appropriate behavior are introduced, as well as communication activities that encourage reading readiness skills. The pre-k children experience letters, numbers, and written language in an environment suited to their developmental needs and maturity level.



Our program centers on The Rowland Reading Series, Happily Ever After, which is the forefront of early reading. This program introduces the children to classic literature, integrated language arts, process writing, cross-curricular activities, cooperative learning, whole language and language experience activities. Incorporated into this program is Handwriting Without Tears, which is a simple, developmentally based method of teaching that makes handwriting easy to learn. Letter recognition and phonemic awareness are included under the umbrella of language arts along with sight word identification.


Children participate in instruction that includes a balance between conceptual understandings, connections to prior knowledge, skill proficiency, and problem solving experiences. Integrated into instruction are hands-on activities, mathematic reasoning, and writing. Mathematic tools such as manipulatives and computers are utilized to help children discover the power of arithmetic.


These concepts are explored through units of study such as insects, seeds and plants, animals, the environment, community helpers, and special events. Frequent field trips and informative presentations are integrated into the pre-kindergarten social studies and science curriculum.

"Handwriting without Tears" Complete Handwriting Curriculum

The Get Set for School program focuses on early childhood education to prepare young children for school and lifelong learning. This exciting readiness curriculum uses singing, music, coloring, building, and play to help children develop handwriting skills. Our Local preschool provides excellent curriculum to fast track your child's learning journey.

A new generation of children and educators are ready to benefit from the unique multisensory approach to the education of preschoolers in handwriting.

  • Sing along CD-Get Set for School
  • Rock, Rap, Tap and Learn CD
  • Roll a dough letters
  • Wood Pieces set for letters and numbers
  • Mat Man Shapes (a world of shapes and rhymes)
  • Slate Chalkboards