The Woods Elementary journey culminates with Fifth Grade.

The Woods offers a rigorous academic program designed to foster academic excellence and meet individual needs, nurturing each student's natural curiosity and sense of wonder. Students in Fifth Grade are encouraged to think creatively and challenge themselves and their peers to reach new levels of achievement.

The Woods Fifth emphasizes individual development and self-responsibility. Fifth-grade students are encouraged to become positive members of the school community and community at large, as well as active participants in their own learning. Our outstanding teachers emphasize higher-order thinking skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Foundational study habits are reinforced in core subject areas and co-curricular classes as learners prepare to transition to Middle School/Junior High.


The Fifth-Grade English and Language Arts cultivates each student's intuition and imagination to prepare them to be lifelong thinkers and learners ready to assume leadership in the 21st century. The English curriculum seeks to build literary and writing skills through close reading of literature, constructions of sound, paragraphs, and development of both creative and analytic writing. Students read a variety of literacy genres and focus much attention on character development and appreciation of the language and style elements in the text. The students write expository essays, stories, poems, journal entries, and book reports. The mechanics of writing, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are taught both contextually and directly with an emphasis on homophone, capitalization and punctuation, and parts of speech.


Students work together to create real solutions to real problems, while developing a love of science and math.

Our students will experience STEM education through project-based learning that combines principles of science and mathematical analysis with the design process of technology and engineering. These challenging and fun projects encourage collaboration, problem-solving, decision making, creativity and innovations.


Our Fifth-Grade curriculum is designed to provide each student with the foundation needed to grow to his/her maximum potential. Students solidify their computation skills with whole numbers and work toward mastery of fractions, mixed numbers, and decimal operations. Key concepts include ratio proportion, percent, measurement, estimation, number theory, geometry, and pre-algebra. Applications of mathematics and the correct use of the vocabulary of mathematics are also stressed.


Science is an integrated study of life science, earth science, and physical science. All students participate in science labs and present a topic of their choice at their Grade-level Science Fair.


Fifth-grade students focus on Geography, American History, and Social Studies. Fifth-grade history includes a thorough study of developing American civilizations through World War II with special emphasis on the Constitution and government.


While studying cultural aspects in Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish instruction aims to integrate reading, writing, and speaking.