Eighteen-month old children begin this tremendous year of exploration and discovery as they begin to walk, run, and climb with greater skill and expand their sense of independence. Always on the go, they are active learners and curious about the world around them. Loving teachers gently guide these students in a safe environment to encourage physical, cognitive/intellectual, language, sensory, and social and emotional development.

Our curriculum balances both child and teacher-directed activities. Children are encouraged to explore individual interests with hands-on learning activities. Teacher-directed activities such as alphabet puppets, music, art, and skill repetition teach children to listen as well as follow simple directions. Weekly thematic units include conceptual-themed books, poetry, art projects, games, songs, and nursery rhymes. Children develop a strong sense of self-esteem so they may gain a strong understanding of themselves in relationship to their environment. Language skills develop through interaction with friends and a language-rich environment.

Children learn quickly when happy and interested, and fun and creative activities help stimulate their brains. Exploration, perception, communication, mobility, self-competence, trust, relationships, and independence are developmental goals of our curriculum.

Our eighteen-month curriculum includes the following elements:

  • Multisensory activities
  • Fine and gross motor skill development
  • Hands-on art activities
  • Music appreciation
  • Language enrichment
  • Alphabet Puppets
  • Cooking adventures
  • Thematic learning centers
  • Self-help skills
  • Cooperative play and social skills